Interest Rate Hedging

All commercial real estate clients should have the same capabilities as the banks and lenders they transact with. We provide you with the tools and custom solutions for interest rate risk management by employing strategies that incorporate your objectives, constraints, and risk tolerances.

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SOFR Cap Valuation Calculator

Use the first and only SOFR Cap Calculator to get a quick estimate of a current SOFR Rate Cap and a side-by-side price comparison to a LIBOR Cap.

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Should you have any questions, need help filling out the calculator, or would like to learn more, our team is here to help.

Interest Rate Hedging

With over 40 years of collective interest rate hedging/derivatives expertise, our team is here to help you analyze any existing hedges and explore solutions for hedging new debt.

 We provide review and analysis of:

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Exposure to the LIBOR to SOFR Transition

Loan Hedge Document

Loan and hedge documentation

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Cost effective and creative structuring customized to your situation

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Portfolio management