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Debt Management

Your Loan Maturity is Approaching – What Do You Do?

Helping Borrowers Navigate Higher Interest Rates & the Inverted Yield Curve

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Your loan maturity is due in the next 12-24 months. You need to understand your options. And you need confidence.

Identify the optimal loan product and timeframe to transact with interactive property performance assumptions and integrated forward interest rate curve projections that will help you execute the best deal.

Optimize your debt portfolio with our comprehensive debt management services.

With our debt management services you can explore fixed, floating, and supplemental refinancing options and the optimal time to execute each one. Analyze all three scenarios and compare them to your current loan to identify the most profitable debt structure. The result? Clarity and confidence when addressing the economics and timing of utilizing debt on your real estate assets.

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How Our Debt Management Tool Works

We extract existing loan terms and upload them into our model:

We configure and update your property performance and refinance input assumptions in real time.

We define a month-by-month scenario for interest rates over a 5-year horizon.

We calculate today’s Present Value P&L that refinancing would generate at any given month over a 5-year horizon.

The result is a detailed analysis of your debt financing scenarios to help you strategically time your actions to maximize profits.

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“We appreciated your patience as you explained very clearly each step of a highly technical process and made yourself available when we needed you to answer questions or provide information. Your efforts made the process seem flawless.”

“Thirty Capital Financial provides true turnkey service. We are a very hands-on client, and the group has met our expectations for process management, cost efficiency, and timing every time. Thirty Capital Financial provides an objective, expert service that helps us meet our transaction goals.”

“Your expertise was critical in making this transaction run smoothly from start to finish. Your knowledge and professionalism made this transaction seamless. You took what could be a complicated transaction and made it easy!”

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