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Utilizing Data and Technology to Inform Decisions and Increase CRE Deal Flow

Thirty Capital Financial recently attended the IMN CFO/COO Conference in Dana Point, California. Our CEO, Kevin Swill, spoke during the Utilizing Data and Technology to Inform Decisions and Increase Deal Flow panel. Read ahead for three key topics from their discussion.

Topic #1: Data and Technology Inefficiencies

The panelists explored how technology can be used to pull more meaningful insights out of the data. One of the challenges addressed was not having the right tech to understand the data and assess their portfolios. For some, this challenge exposes inefficiencies in accessing the data, understanding it, and leveraging it for their own assets. According to the panel, the biggest inefficiency is having the data to use on their own assets.

Topic #2: Being Data-Driven Is Critical

“Data-driven” is a buzzword that we say and hear all of the time in our industry. As interest rates and cap rates rise and the market changes, using data to help you make decisions is critical. The panelists shared that they look at their portfolios holistically. Especially with how the market is shifting, it’s important to have hardcore evidence and facts from your data.

Topic #3: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Growing in the Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a hot topic in commercial real estate. The panelists agreed that AI will continue to grow within the industry and could begin to take over jobs in the real estate market. However, the panelists also agreed that relationships and in-person communication will remain the foundation of commercial real estate. Ultimately, they agreed that AI will not be able to completely disrupt the industry.

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