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GlobeSt. Recognizes Kevin Swill of Thirty Capital Financial as a 2023 Rainmaker in CRE Debt, Equity and Finance

CHARLOTTE, N.C.Feb. 7, 2023 — GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum profiled Kevin Swill, CEO of Thirty Capital Financial, part of the Thirty Capital ecosystem, as a ‘Rainmaker in CRE Debt, Equity and Finance’ in the Jan./Feb. 2023 issue and on The Rainmakers recognition features the individual and organizational pioneers who have impacted the commercial real estate industry through their efforts.

“Moving our industry forward through innovative and tailored CRE financing and debt management strategies is a principal objective in my career and our initiatives at Thirty Capital Financial. We’re all more prosperous when industry stakeholders work together to find the most efficient and equitable ways to conduct business that generate and enhance upside for everyone,” said Swill.

Among Swill’s most significant accomplishments is growing Thirty Capital Financial’s derivatives business from the ground up — the company is now a nationally-recognized provider of caps and swaps. Swill is responsible for all financial services and products that Thirty Capital Financial provides in the CRE industry, including defeasance/yield maintenance prepayment penalties, interest rate caps, LIBOR to SOFR transitions, and swaps and swap terminations. Currently, Swill is expanding EntityKeeper, Thirty Capital’s entity management solution, with a Corporate Services division, allowing users to access and manage filing documents within the platform (UCC filings, annual reports, and more).

Active in the CRE industry since 1987, Swill has been involved in many facets of CRE: finance, a pioneer in the CMBS space, and running a nationally-recognized development company. He spent years traveling the globe and raising billions in equity for developers around the U.S. and participated in many skyscraper developments in NYC. In 2020, he joined the Thirty Capital family as the CEO of Thirty Capital Financial to help build the brand and expand its innovative financial services.

In addition to his executive leadership roles, Swill has mentored numerous CRE students over the last 20+ years. He believes that educating and guiding emerging professionals is imperative for the advancement of the industry. Swill helped develop and actively participates in The Academy of CRE Finance & Innovation, formed to educate CRE peers and newly-employed CRE analysts and professionals. The Academy allows students to learn about debt and equity, underwriting, loan documents, waterfalls, and more, uncapping their growth potential. On the fintech side, Swill is now leveraging his knowledge to teach how data and tech can automate CRE — an exciting prospect for the industry’s future.

Swill frequently participates in industry panels to inform peers on a wide range of subjects, including floating rate transactions, market dynamics, defeasance and springing rate caps, and understanding capital structures and creative solutions for borrowers. For Swill, there is nothing more intriguing than negotiating a deal — crucial in today’s extremely volatile environment.

About Thirty Capital Financial

Thirty Capital Financial is a leading full-service provider of debt management, hedging, and financial services to the commercial real estate industry. With over 20 years of expertise in debt optimization and capital markets, Thirty Capital Financial helps clients confidently navigate options for managing financial risk while supporting the growth of their companies.

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