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GlobeSt. Recognizes Thirty Capital Financial as a 2024 Rainmaker in CRE Debt, Equity, and Finance

CHARLOTTE, N.C.Feb. 14, 2024  — GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum, a leading source for commercial real estate news and insights, has named Thirty Capital Financial, a Thirty Capital company, as a 2024 Rainmaker in CRE Debt, Equity, and Finance. The Rainmakers in CRE recognition highlights individuals, teams, and organizations that have significantly impacted the industry through their pioneering efforts and innovative contributions.

“Being acknowledged as a Rainmaker by GlobeSt. is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the entire team at Thirty Capital Financial. Our mission is to empower our clients with innovative financial solutions, and this recognition highlights our commitment to reshaping the landscape of CRE finance,” said Rob Finlay, Founder and CEO of Thirty Capital.

With over 125 years of collective experience in derivatives and debt markets, Thirty Capital Financial excels in managing financial risk, navigating market shifts, and evaluating exposure for clients’ CRE portfolios. Using internal optimization models and the new forward curve, Thirty Capital Financial is helping borrowers effectively evaluate options in a volatile market.

Thirty Capital Financial, through Defease With Ease, has streamlined the process for Borrowers to exit a CMBS loan before maturity, having successfully closed over 10,000 defeasance transactions, structured and purchased over $150 billion in defeasance securities, and collaborated with thousands of borrowers, attorneys, and brokers.

“In today’s dynamic financial landscape, we recognize the importance of providing tailored solutions to our clients. Thirty Capital Financial ensures that our clients have access to the same capabilities as the banks and lenders they engage with, empowering them to make informed financial decisions,” added Finlay.

In 2023, Thirty Capital Financial continued to bring significant value to the industry, including the release of a proprietary forward curve for analyzing future market rates, identifying the optimal time to transact based on the projections, and transacting today based on those future assumptions.

“As recent events have highlighted the importance of planning for the worst-case scenario, Thirty Capital Financial remains steadfast in its commitment to helping CRE companies navigate financial risks. Our suite of financial advising and risk management services, coupled with our expertise in derivatives and interest rate hedging, contribute to greater financial resilience and preparedness for unexpected events,” concluded Finlay.

About Thirty Capital Financial

Thirty Capital Financial is a leading full-service provider of debt management, hedging, and financial services to the commercial real estate industry. With over 20 years of expertise in debt optimization and capital markets, Thirty Capital Financial helps clients confidently navigate options for managing financial risk while supporting the growth of their companies.

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