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CHARLOTTE, NC – September 9, 2020 – Thirty Capital Financial, a leading commercial real estate finance and debt management company, announced the launch of its newest company, SOFR With Ease™ (SWE). SWE provides interest rate hedging services and can help clients navigate the transition from LIBOR to SOFR.

“With global markets preparing for the shift from LIBOR, our existing commercial real estate clients have been relying on our team to evaluate their potential exposure, its impact on their floating rate debt portfolio and accompanying hedge products,” said CEO Jeffrey Lee. “We have ~16 months until LIBOR is expected to expire, and we’re already assisting clients with custom risk assessments of their portfolios. It made sense to reintroduce ourselves in the interest rate hedging advisory space under a new brand while launching our new SOFR consulting service. SOFR With Ease was created to provide these much-needed resources, specific to CRE customers, and help them execute strategies to align their loan provisions/fallback language, with the ISDA protocol that will govern their derivatives.”

SOFR With Ease is the first to offer a LIBOR to SOFR conversion calculator that can show potential loss and exposure if the fallback spread adjustment on the loan product doesn’t match the ISDA protocol spread adjustment for the hedge. The calculator is offered as a free resource on our website and users can quickly visualize the possible impact of the transition. An online interest rate cap pricing tool is also available for clients to calculate cap costs for various terms and strike prices. Our team of industry veterans brings decades of requisite knowledge and experience to help customers confidently navigate the complexities that can come with the derivatives market.

“We have a long history of providing top-notch defeasance services through our companies, Defease With Ease® and Defeasance Holding Company™. Since pioneering the defeasance consulting industry in 2000, we have continued to listen to our clients and adapt to their needs by expanding our services to encompass other areas,” said Lee.

About Thirty Capital Financial

Thirty Capital Financial is a portfolio of companies focused on delivering value to clients through superior debt management services and innovative technology from brands like Defease With Ease® and Defeasance Holding Company™. SOFR With Ease™ is the newest addition created to address our client’s LIBOR transition and Hedging needs.

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